Place-Based Media Arts

"Place-Based Media Arts" is the integration of Media Arts Literacy with Place-Based Education. Place-Based Media Arts projects are designed to assist students in creating meaningful multimedia projects that engage students in curriculum and community. Through these projects students learn the tools necessary to evaluate and navigate media influences as well as how to effectively participate in global conversations.  While place-based education has often had an aversion to technology out of concern for its tendency to distract students from their immediate surroundings and distrust their own senses, we see that media arts can do just the opposite when used intentionally as a way of reconnecting students to place.  Place-based Media Arts is grounded in the pedagogy of place-based education and looks to the ideals of youth-led media justice and empowerment movements.

The curriculum is unique because it is intentionally working with students to reconnect them with their communities. These projects provide students with the opportunities to share their work with a wide audience; a student essay may attract a dozen readers at best, but a student film can attract viewers from within the local community to a global audience online.

Place-based Media Arts projects are inherently multidisciplinary; cultural and the traditional reading and writing literacies are reinforced while students also learn modern technological skills and media literacy, a critical literacy for the 21st century.  

Media Arts is not limited to filmmaking; it can include animation, digital art, creative power point, performance pieces, and a number of creative expression projects.

Place-based Media Arts regenerates and sustains communities and creates a vehicle in which youth can engage in global conversations about the future they hope to have."

--Rachel Tso,  The Making of Yellow Woman: A Demonstration of Place-Based Media Arts, NAU 2010.

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